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Professional wood sanding machine with planetary head



The New sanding machine TIMBA is able to do, on any type of wood floor, jobs that traditionally are made with 3 different machines:

• Smoothens like a traditional belt sanding machine.

• Finishes the floors like a monobrush.

• Sands up to the skirting boards of the walls like an edge machine.

Thanks to the complete range of accessories and discs, TIMBA satisfies the continuous requirements of the sanding world and more frequent demands for new finishes. Besides the traditional parquet sanding, by using sandpapers from grain 24 to grain 120, TIMBA is exceptionally efficacious also on all the types of pre-finished parquet. TIMBA, in fact, can remove the varnish layer leaving entirely intact the noble part of the wood, in order to guarantee the chance of re-sanding other 2 or 3 times. TIMBA does not leave signs and allows a good finishing since the first step. The following steps will allow the operator to save time guaranteeing an excellent result.

Timba is able to realize brushing on new installations or to restore existing brushed finishes. With the specific tools and the planetarium it is not necessary to follow the veins of the wood allowing to create antique effect also on mosaic parquet.

Besides the applications on wood, with the immense range of abrasives and diamond accessories, Timba can perform the following works: resins and glue removal; smoothing foundation ; foundation surplus removal ; scratch the ceramics and floor cleansing. And of course, always dust free.

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