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Unele dintre cele mai comune piese de schimb din gama noastră

Chiar și cele mai bune și rezistente echipamente vor avea nevoie de service la un moment dat.

Așadar, aici găsiți unele dintre cele mai comune piese de schimb. Și ceva și mai important – angajamentul nostru de a rămâne cu voi până când treaba e gata. Nu punem pălăria în cui până când nu ne spuneți s-o facem.


    This generation of motor-pumps defies all the technological barriers and takes performance to a whole new level.
    • 200 bar with 21 L/min at 1450 rpm.
    • Water cooled motor
    • Brass linear pump head
    • Elastic coupling for shock dampening



    We are glad to be able to offer you literally any kind of vacuum motor that you need.

    Weather you need Flow-Through, Peripheral Bypass or Tangential Bypass vacuum motors, single stage, two stage or three stage, at EURO 5 you are always in the right place for what you want.


    • Manufactured with the most advanced technology having high frequency and insulation transformer
    • Unlimited number of charging curves
    • Possibility to change the battery voltage and the charging current by means of a smart card
    • Efficiencies higher than 85%.


    Batteries represent one of the top attraction in technology nowadays inasmuch as the future relies on them.
    We want to make sure that you have the right battery or battery pack for your equipment, therefore we offer you a diverse range of batteries.


    Polypropylene standard brushes for maintenance, soft brushes for carpet cleaning, polishing brushes, hard brushes made out of steel for heavy duty cleaning, cylindrical and conical polypropylene brushes for sweepers, floor pads, pad holders for abrasive floor pads, and more related equipment.


    Polyurethane blades are crucial spare parts in the professional cleaning industry. Every scrubber, whether it is small, big, walk-behind or ride-on, has rear polyurethane blades.
    We offer once again a diverse range of models for all our machines and not only.


    Electrical connectors drastically reduce the time, effort and manpower needed for manufacturing, assembling and installing electrical devices, their components as well as wiring.


    Hoses are essential spare components in the cleaning industry. The reason being is because any vacuum cleaner or other equipment with suction function has to have a hose.

    We offer you a wide selection of Hoses; different materials, diameters, lengths, fittings, and applications.


    Every type of machine, whether it is a vacuum cleaner, scrubber-dryer, pressure cleaner, sweeper, single-disk machine, or simply just a bucket trolley, has wheels.

    Therefore, wheels are vital components which cannot be neglected.