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2 independent Motors 4 kW each, totaling 8 kW or 11 HP



SUPERVAK 250 is equipped with 2 independent Motors 4 kW each, totaling 8 kW or 11 HP.

It has a large filtering room and it is the ideal equipment for efficient vacuuming of large quantities of dust in special industrial applications.

Perfect to be connected to big grinding machines like the EXPANDER 1000 or to large scarifiers and sand blasting machines. Available in ASC or SC version.

Equipped with various safety systems:

• A vacuum limiter valve ensures the cooling of the engines even in continuative and heavy duty use.

• A pressure indicator allows the monitoring of any malfunctions or filter clogging.

• A Thermal safety switch stops the motors in case of overheating.

• Two secondary filters protect the engine in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.

HEPA Filter is Included

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