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Theoretical working capacity: 2250 m2/h


Orbital head base version with a cleaning path of 50 cm.



The Jade orbital 50 is built on the jade body that was rigorously tested during years. Its simple design and durable construction offers an unmatched value for the customer.        This automatic battery scrubber has a stronger traction motor of 400W in order to climb steep ramps without the need to push it.

While keeping up with the constant durability that Adiatek machines offer, your operators will find the Jade orbital scrubber easy to move through narrow areas and super easy to maintain. The strong deck is protected by large PPL rollers in order to keep the unit safe from marking the walls.

The jade orbital machines offer an unbeatable floor cleaning result every time you want to finish any floor thanks to its powerful 750W brush motor. The equipment reduces slip & fall accidents and it also provides a reduction of soap and water usage.

  • Great for compact areas.
  • Easy weight adjustment from 35kg / 77lbs up to 50kg / 110lbs.
  • Reduced vibrations to the operator’s hands thanks to rubber isolators.
  • Rectangular scrub head that reaches into corners and hard-to-reach areas easily, for even floor finish removal across the entire cleaning path.
  • Provides power and performance without the use of chemicals.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 770 mm                                                           – Brushes motor: 750 Watt

– Motion system: automatic                                                          – Maximum gradient: 10%

– Suction motor: 400 Watt                                                            – Suction vacuum: 120 mbar

– Machine dimensions:                                                                  – Battery compartment:

  • L: 1244 mm                                                                                  L: 390 mm
  • H: 1098 mm                                                                                 H: 405 mm
  • W: 548 mm                                                                                  W: 374 mm

– Machine weight w/o battery: 119 kg

– Traction motor: 400 Watt                                                           – Movement speed:  3.2-4.5 km/h

– Class: III                                                                                         – Protection level: IP 23

– Loudness: <70 dB (A)