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GV is suitable to degrease and sanificate any object or surface in an easy, ecological and fast way.


GV range consists of electric generators, vacuum steam generators, vacuum steam generators with foam system, diesel steam generators and UPDS units producing saturated steam.
They are ideal for food and baking industry, for private and institutional use, for pharmaceutical and mechanical industry, for dairy factories, for building sectors and others alike.



  • Satured steam at 9 bar at a temperature of 175° C. 
  • Steam gun with low tension control. 
  • S/s AISI 304 body. 
  • 3.3 kW Boiler s/s AISI 304. 
  • Thickness 25/10. 
  • Low level water indicator lamp. 
  • Device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam. 
  • Heating and activation time required: 7 min. 
  • Steam regulation. 
  • Discharge valve. 
  • Pressure gauge. 
  • The boiler can be refilled from the tank provided (continuous duty). 
  • Wheels suitable for food and processing areas. 
  • Storage basket.


Technical Data

Max steam pressure 9 bar
Temperature 175 °C
Boiler abs. power 3300W/230 V- 50 Hz
Steam production 4,62 Kg/h
Water tank/detergent tank capacity 5 / 5 l

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