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Theoretical working capacity: 9100 m2/h


AC traction wheel model, equipped with four counter rotating disc brushes with a 130cm cleaning width.



Diamond 130 is made following the design of the iconic Diamond 100 machine.

This machine is equipped with a new 1300 mm brush base with a powerful geared motor for each brush and also a new squeegee expressly designed for this model in order to provide even higher performances on the large areas and heavy cleaning situations.

The cleaning power, the comfort to access the brush motors and a very easy maintenance makes the brush base the main strength of the new Diamond 130 machine.

The equipment includes also a strong AC traction wheel which combines great performances while driving over ramps with an easy maintenance, according to Adiatek’s will to always meet its customer needs.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 1550 mm
– Brushes motor: 1920 Watt
– Motion system: automatic
– Maximum gradient: 10%
– Suction motor: 2 x 570 Watt
– Suction vacuum: 190 mbar
– Machine dimensions: L: 2025 mm
W: 1400 mm
with rollbar H: 1685 mm
without rollbar H: 1330 mm
– Machine weight w/o battery: 620 kg
– Traction motor: 1400 Watt
– Movement speed: 9 km/h
– Battery compartment: L: 640 mm
W: 655 mm
H: 530 mm
– Class: III
– Protection level: IP 23
– Loudness: <70 dB (A)