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Theoretical working capacity: 7000 m2/h


AC traction wheel model, equipped with two counter rotating disc brushes with a 100cm cleaning path.



Theoretical productivity: 7000 m2/h.

AC traction wheel model, equipped with two counter rotating  disc brushes with a 100cm cleaning path.

Like in all the Diamond models, a knob on the dashboard is used to electronically set the pressure applied on the brushes up to a maximum value of 160 kg.

It is a professional easy to maintain machine. A stainless steel inspection hatch allows the complete cleaning of the recovery tank.
Thanks to its innovative shape, the strong squeegee dries perfectly even when driving at high speed; it is also possible to easily adjust and disassemble it and the rubbers can be used on both edges.
The perfect weight balance grants safety, reliability and high performances. This is a machine indicated to clean very dirty or even slippery floors, where a quick cleaning is needed without compromising the quality of the result.

Thanks to its AC traction wheel, the diamond machine requires a reduced maintenance related to the motor, which goes hand in hand with great performances both when starting to drive and when driving over ramps.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 1175 mm                                           – Brushes motor: 2000 Watt

– Motion system: automatic                                             – Maximum gradient: 10%

– Suction motor: 2 x 570 Watt                                         – Suction vacuum: 190 mbar

– Machine dimensions:                                                     – Battery compartment:

  • L: 2025 mm                                                                     L: 655 mm
  • with rollbar:       H: 1685 mm                                        H: 640 mm
  • without rollbar: H: 1330 mm                                        W: 530 mm
  • W: 1040 mm

– Machine weight w/o battery: 600 kg                            – Loudness: <70 dB (A)

– Traction motor: 1400 Watt                                            – Movement speed: 9 km/h

– Class: III                                                                            – Protection level: IP 23