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Theoretical working capacity: 3500 m2/h.


A 24V ride-on machine with cylindrical brushes and a working path of 70 cm.



Theoretical productivity: 3500 m2/h.

Coral 70s is a ride-on sweeper machine with a cleaning path of 70 cm.

Two cylindrical brushes clean and collect the dirt in a recovery box that drains the exceeding water which after is collected by the squeegee. The „brush dry” system avoids the leaking at the end of the work.

Every model features the „automatic” mode that runs all the machine functions and also the „break washing” mode which optimizes the end of the cleaning with a proper automatic shutdown sequence. The operator is able to work using only one button. Also the pressure that the brushes apply on the floor is adjustable on different levels independently from the brushes wearing.

The Coral 70s model is suitable for every fast cleaning situation and for floors with large joints.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 1000 mm                                               – Brushes motor: 2 x 600 Watt

– Motion system: automatic                                                 – Maximum gradient: 10%

– Suction motor: 800 Watt                                                   – Suction vacuum: 160 mbar

– Machine dimensions:                                                         – Battery compartment:

  • L: 1575 mm                                                                         L: 415 mm
  • H: 1320 mm                                                                        H: 520 mm
  • W: 780 mm                                                                         W: 385 mm

– Machine weight w/o battery: 262 kg                                – Loudness: <70 dB (A)

– Traction motor: 500 Watt                                                  – Movement speed: 5 km/h

– Class: III                                                                               – Protection level: IP 23