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Theoretical working capacity: 3300 m2/h.


Ride-on compact scrubbing machine, very easy to handle, with two counter-rotating brushes and a working path of 65 cm.

Even if the squeegee is shorter, it guarantees perfect drying results in any situation.



Theoretical productivity: 3300 m2/h.

Compact Ride-on scrubber, powered by 24V batteries and equipped with double counter rotating brushes with two geared motors and a cleaning path of 65 cm. The shorter squeegee provides improved maneuverability, and even if it is shorter, the squeegee grants a perfect drying in every situation.

The polyethylene tanks are very thick and ensure a 100 liters detergent solution capacity. The machine works with a 24V voltage and the battery pack has a maximum capacity of 240 Ah(5) ensuring a 4 hours autonomy.

The driving seat is ergonomic and the dashboard features digital controls, indicating the settings and the battery level, the hours the machine worked and the brush pressure.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 860 mm                                                – Brushes motor: 900 Watt

– Motion system: automatic                                               – Maximum gradient: 10%

– Suction motor: 580 Watt                                                  – Suction vacuum: 160 mbar

– Machine dimensions:                                                       – Battery compartment:

  • L: 1520 mm                                                                        L: 415 mm
  • H: 1320 mm                                                                       H: 520 mm
  • W: 730 mm                                                                        W: 385 mm

– Machine weight w/o battery: 283 kg                               – Loudness: <70 dB (A)

– Traction motor: 600 Watt                                                 – Movement speed: 5 km/h

– Class: III                                                                               – Protection level: IP 23