Hyper C

Romeo Alex Ciontos



„Less is more, More is better”

That’s the philosophy that best characterizes the HERITAGE line where HYPER C belongs to.



All Heritage products are addressed to customers who want a high pressure cleaner with no compromises, equipped with metal trolley able to withstand shocks, displacements and corrosion.


Why High Pressure cleaner ? Is it better pressure or delivery rate ?

The right criteria to define the high-pressure cleaner performances is the washing effectiveness. The elements that influence this value are: delivery rate (water volume processed by the pump per unit of time) and pressure (l/h water power on a surface). The higher the delivery rate, the faster the washing phase (less rinsing time); the higher the pressure, the deeper the washing (better dirt removal).
It is often emphasized the pressure only (that’s because the pump size and the consequent manufacturing costs are cheaper), but delivery rate is as important as pressure.



  • 4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling. 
  • Three ceramic pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in by-pass valve. 
  • Integrated elastic joint, for best pump coupling (three phase models). 
  • Low voltage and delayed Total Stop (three phase models). 
  • Suction and delivery S/S valves.
  • Integrated detergent suction with external suction probe. 
  • Pressure regulator. 
  • Glycerin pressure gauge. 
  • Hose-reel (optional). 
  • Steel frame. 
  • Steel covers.




Operating pressure / max: 200 bar
Delivery rate: 900 l/h
Max. inlet water temperature: 40 °C
Absorbed power: 7000 W
Voltage: 400V-50Hz 3ph
RPM: MPW5/1450 RPM

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