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First grinding machine in the world with DCS System.



Hercules series introduces the innovative DCS System that puts in one machine the features of two different ones.

• Using the Hercules in counter rotating mode it results in a grinding and polishing machine for concrete, marble and natural stone floors.

• Using the machine in DCS System mode, it increases the speed of the satellites, turning the Hercules into a high performance industrial floor preparation machine. Suitable for fast removal of resins and glues, for fast exposing of the aggregates and for fast leveling of very uneven surface.


Main features:

• Working width: 800 mm with 4 size 240 mm tools.

• Speed of tools ranging from 450 to 1300 rpm.

• Strong gear box made out of thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life.

• No noise during the work.

• Auto levelling Planetary System.

• Unmistakable and unblemished Italian design.

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