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Maintenance & Repair


Your experience with Euro5 comes “full option”.

We strongly believe in the idea that a business is not only about buying and selling. It is about offering the finest customer experience. That’s why we offer a complete set of services. Besides purchase consulting and staff training, we offer you maintenance and repair, inspection and accident investigation, as well as other attractive extra services. In order to prove it, we invite you at our headquarter for a visit.

The Services We Offer



In some urgent cases, when time is an issue, we can also offer field service.

For an efficient service of your equipment, you need to bring it to our headquarter for an evaluation and afterwards we determine what is the right thing to be done.

However, we understand that the unexpected can happen anytime, hence there are critical situations when your equipment cannot be sent to us in good time and requires immediate service at the current workplace.





Professional cleaning products work in harsh environments which sooner or later will deteriorate the body of your machine and the original color slowly loses its shine and fades away.

Luckily, we are glad to be able to make your equipment shine again and make it look like brand new. Paint it Now.





Don’t let your product be a victim of time and harsh working environments. You can easily prolong the lifespan of your equipment by reconditioning it at our maintenance facility.

Let our skilled technicians make your machine look and perform like in the day you bought it. Make it New again.