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GV is suitable to degrease and sanificate any object or surface in an easy, ecological and fast way.


GV range consists of electric generators, vacuum steam generators, vacuum steam generators with foam system, diesel steam generators and UPDS units producing saturated steam.
They are ideal for food and baking industry, for private and institutional use, for pharmaceutical and mechanical industry, for dairy factories, for building sectors and others alike.



  • Saturated steam at 4 bar at a temperature of 143°C.
  • Boiler 2,3 kW.
  • Heating and activation time required: 10 min.
  • Pressure switch.
  • Double thermostat.
  • Cap with protection against anti-unscrewing and safety valve.
  • Handy accessory compartment with electric cable holder.
  • Control panel with lamps.
  • Impact resistant covers.
  • Steam regulation.
  • Thermometer.
  • Power cable 6 m.


Technical Data

Max steam Pressure / Temperature 4 bar / 143°C
Steam production 80 Kg/h
Boiler type/ Volume Aluminum / 2,4 l
Boiler absorbed power 2300 W / 220-240V – 50Hz (1 ph)

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