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Green, is the New Clean


GreenTube GTO is a new revolution in Pure Water filtration. With all 4 filters arranged in a line the GreenTube is so compact and lightweight that it can be taken anywhere.

The GreenTube features a reverse osmosis (RO) filter and deionization (DI) filter to create pure water instantly. With sediment and carbon pre-filters you also maintain the integrity of the RO, increasing its life.

The GreenTube runs directly from the mains water supply so taking this to site is simple and cost effective. Simply connect one end to the water supply and the other to your quick release connection.

The GreenTube comes ready to work and contains: All required filters (sediment, carbon, RO and DI), 15m Microbore hose and hand-held TDS water meter.


Technical Data

Model: GTO
Filters: 4
TDS meter: Hand held
Hose length: 15m
Water supply: Mains
Water flow rate: 1.5 – 3L/min
Dimensions: 33 x 28 x 145 cm
Weight: 13 Kg

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