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Theoretical working capacity: 1240 m2/h


Baby plus LI is single brush floor cleaning machine with a working width of 35 cm powered by a 24V 40 Ah5 lithium battery, equipped with an on-board battery charger



Theoretical productivity: 1240 m2/h

baby plus Li is a single brush floor cleaning machine with a cleaning width of 35 cm powered by a 24V 40 Ah5 lithium battery with incorporated battery charger. It is suitable to clean very small areas such as offices, shops, laboratories, taverns, terraces, private pools and any other environment with narrow passages.

Thanks to the large battery autonomy the machine is allowed to work for more than 2 hours and then it is possible to plug the 20m power cable to keep working while the batteries are charging.

The recovery tank can be taken off in order to drain and clean it.

baby plus Li is provided with a strong squeegee which rubber is taken off through a quick docking. The handlebar can be adjusted and it bends in order to allow an easy transportation. By draining the water from the tanks it is possible to bend the machine without taking anything off making it less bulky when stored. In that position any maintenance operation on the brush or on the squeegee is easier to perform.

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Technical Data

– Squeegee width: 410 mm                                              – Brushes motor: 200 Watt

– Motion system: semiautomatic                                     – Maximum slope: 2%

– Suction motor: 200 Watt                                                – Suction depression: 90 mbar

– Machine measurements:

  • length: 745 mm
  • height: 550 mm
  • width: 415 mm

– Machine weight (with battery): 53kg

– Battery van:

  • length: 215 mm
  • width: 257 mm
  • height: 205 mm

– Class I                                                                                – Degree of protection: IP 23

– Loudness: 66,8 dB (A)